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Who we are

BI Sphere is a Business Intelligence Consulting firm that specializes in implementing end to end BI solutions or Managed service BI that support decision-making processes. Our focus is on the customer, and our commitment is to deliver quality solutions that are easy to maintain and simple to use.

Our Expertise

Business Intelligence is the process of using business information to make better decisions. It’s a broad term; it can be a DWH, dashboard, and/or scorecard. In simple terms BI is a revaluation to DWH - now we have the data, what are we going to do with it?
BI includes terms like analytics; using that data to make better decisions. Predictive analytics; looking ahead into the future, and the historical trends; try to understand who my profitable customers are, who are my best-performing people, and what products do I need to get rid of or add more of. BI just describes the use of the DWH data.
We at BI Sphere specialize in performing innovative and creative end-to-end BI solutions.